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Gourmet Fusion Milkshakes


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Gourmet Fusion Milkshakes  •  Freakshakes   •  Cake Jars
Cheesecake in Jars   •  Cake Slices & much more

Gourmet Fusion Milkshakes


Cake Jars

Cheesecake in Jars

Cake Slices & much more

about Us

Holy Shakes is Toronto’s Top Milkshake bar in the Greater Toronto Area! Doing over 100 gourmet fusion milkshakes in Retro Glass Milk bottles and FreakShakes! We know its Cool! We also do Cake Jars and Cake slices! We are on a Mission to make your adulthood feel like childhood.

Our take-out Menu

Want to have a reference list of our menu items handy? Download and save it onto your computer or phone here. The menu is regularly updated, so check back often and make sure you have the latest version!

Birthdays. Receptions. Marriages.

Let’s Party!

Call it any memorable occasion and we will put up a LIVE MILKSHAKE or a DESSERT BAR to serve variety of milkshakes and yummy cake shakes. We will custom create a cool milkshake and dessert menu on the theme of your event.

We will PRINT or ENGRAVE your event or names on the Bottles or Mason Jar as a Memoir for your guest to always remember your big day!

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