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About Us

Holy Shakes is Toronto’s Top Milkshake bar in the Greater Toronto Area! Doing over 100 gourmet fusion milkshakes in Retro Glass Milk bottles and FreakShakes! We know its Cool! We also do Cake Jars and Cake slices! We are on a Mission to make your adulthood feel like childhood.

Our milkshakes are a true treat for the whole family. NOSTALGIC & SEXY!

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First-time Indulgers

Welcome to HolyShakes, a fun & creative milkshake bar, all set to tingle your taste buds.  Choose from our massive variety of 100 plus milkshake, freakshakes, cake jars, cake slices and much more! HolyShakes are yummy & can be decorated with all the sweet goodness & toppings, you want to have them again and again.  

Choose  from the Fruity Retro’s & Childhood Classics, Heavenly Chocos to relish your chocolate dreams in the most Creamiest Way, the popular RockStars Fusion Shakes, Wake up Coffee for Coffee Lovers, Cereal Killers to enjoy your favourite Cereal as a Milkshake, and not to forget the best part, Freak Shakes in our gourmet mason jars with Cake & sweet Goodness on the top!