About Us

HolyShakes is our take on popular American  Milkshakes infused with traditional Indian Sweets & Flavours in Classical and Nostalgic Milk Bottles. Holyshakes took an extra leap to craft a very popular Indian Street snack (the Bhaturas) with amazing sweet spreads & delicious toppings, that you can indulge in. We are on a Mission to make your adulthood feel like childhood.

Our milkshakes are a true treat for the whole family. NOSTALGIC & SEXY in plain text.

HolyShakes Toronto Bottle

First-time Indulgers

Welcome to HolyShakes, a fun & creative milkshake bar, all set to tingle your taste buds. Choose from our massive variety  of Gourmet Fusion Milkshakes Indian Style or enjoy it in a  classic American Style. Indian Style Milkshakes are way more milky with a blast of flavours in NOSTALGIC & SEXY Milk Bottles that make you fall in Love with our Milkshakes & bottles. American Milkshakes are thick, yummy & decorated with all the sweet goodness,  you want to have them again and again.

Choose  from the Retro & Childhood Classics, ChocoShakes to relish your chocolate dreams in the most Milkiest Way. Enjoy your favourite Indian Sweets & Delicacies in creamy flavourful sips, Home Run Scoops that offer Fusion Shakes, the creativity is endless! Coffee Lovers will have a ball with Milkshakes & not to forget the best part Ultimate Cake Shakes in our gourmet mason jars!

Enough of the Cold. Now lets introduce our Piping Hot & Sweet Side, The world of Sweet Bhaturas (Fluffy & Fried Crispy Indian Pastries) spread with different flavours and unbelievable goodness.

Enjoy the Cold & Creamy, Hot & Sweet with your family and friends, at The Holy Shakes.